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Rates, Billing & Terms


We bill our time by the hour rather than fixed rates. In some cases, as the amount of work done for a client becomes consistent and our bookkeepers become more familiar with the project, the work can be done in less time. We choose to pass these savings along to our clients.


  • Work done on HBS premises -  $55.00/hour
  • Work done at client’s office  -     $61.00/hour for 4 hours or less;
  •                               -     $59.00/hour for 4.25 to 6.25 hours;
  •                               -     $57.00/hour for 6.5 hours and up.



A retainer is required for all new clients and is deducted from the first invoice. The amount of retainer is determined:

Amount Project Catch-Up (In Hours)
$500 Current
$1000 21 to 35
$2000 26 to 45
50% 45 and Over

Invoices are issued:

  • Upon completion for a one-time project
  • Upon completion for monthly, quarterly or other regular clients
  • On the 15th and End of Month for regular ongoing monthly clients


Payments are due on receipt of invoice.