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Bookkeeping Testing

In our experience, many people claim to be bookkeepers when in fact they do not have the skills or knowledgebase required to perform beginner level bookkeeping, let alone work on a complex file.

If you have decided to hire a bookkeeper but need assistance verifying that a potential candidate’s abilities match their resumes – we can help.  We have designed a test that allows us to determine proficiency level, understanding and capability in regards to bookkeeping duties.

Benefits to employers:

1.  Potentially saving thousands of dollars by getting the right fit in terms of expertise the first time, and avoiding the need for  constant retraining;

2.  Knowing that the candidate has the necessary skills to ensure that the books are done correctly and are in compliance with government regulations;

3.  Peace of mind knowing that you have received a second opinion — from professional bookkeepers.

Rates start at $99.00 (+HST), please contact us for further information.