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What makes us different?

Thank you for stopping by. What can we do for you or your business? Are you here because you find the subject of bookkeeping thrilling? Probably not. (But if you do, please visit our Careers page!) Or are you trying to get a handle on the financial management of your business? Then you have come to the right place. Henschel Business Services Inc. is the business behind your business.

Bookkeeping is perhaps one of the most simple and yet confusing aspects of running any business. Most business owners are very good technicians – they enjoy, and excel at, the product or service they offer but do not have the time or background to be equally knowledgeable about bookkeeping. We recognize this. In fact, we think it can be a huge waste of time and resources for most business owners to even attempt keeping their books, preparing payroll or calculating government remittances.

Bookkeeping is compliance-based with many rules and regulations in place; this alone makes it the perfect “job” to outsource. When you are in business, it is a requirement to keep an accurate set of books. That’s the government side of bookkeeping and it is absolutely crucial to know that your bookkeeper is doing things correctly and on time. You must be confident that your bookkeeping service knows the rules and ensures that reporting and remittance deadlines are met.

We are able to ensure compliance and give our clients peace of mind because:

  • Our bookkeeping procedures were written by accountants and our work is reviewed by over twenty-five different accountants and accounting firms.
  • HBS Inc. has an in-house quality control person. We also bring in experts for training on specific issues such as HST implementation and keep our own reference library for any changes regarding government compliance issues.
  • We use CRM software that generates reminders of various due dates to ensure government compliance, which we back by our guarantee. Our clients don’t have to keep track of the deadlines – we tell them.

The other side of bookkeeping that is just as important – if not more important – is the bookkeeping done for the business owner. This means the owner can actually use their numbers to improve their business. When a business owner starts measuring key numbers and ratios – the bottom line gets better. When they start measuring, understanding and improving these numbers, exciting things start to happen.

To help make your business better, we can:

  • Work with you, your staff, business coach or accountant to provide numbers and easy-to-understand charts to measure things like gross profit margins, year-to-year comparisons between revenue and matching cost of goods categories, fixed and variable expenses and other reports such as cash flow and job costing.
  • Meet with owners and managers to ensure that reports are understood.
  • Choose a bookkeeper with experience in your industry.
  • Get you caught up in a very timely manner using best practices possible and keep you current in order to have timely and relevant information.

In the world of bookkeeping and service, size matters. Henschel Business Services Inc. has become one of the largest bookkeeping firms in Canada with an expert team of senior bookkeepers, complemented by a diverse and friendly administrative team and relationship-based management. Our clients appreciate our responsiveness and commitment to continuous improvement. Each team member goes through an intense hiring process and is selected for technical skills, education, and experience as well as integrity, sincerity, communication skills and ethics. We offer over 120 years of bookkeeping experience and have working knowledge of, and practical experience with many types of businesses, charities and non-profit groups.

  • Our clients are never stranded – we provide reliability and availability. The phones are always answered in person with office hours of 8:00 to 5:00 Monday through Friday. Our business model aims to have two bookkeepers familiar with each client’s file.
  • We have the capacity to have one bookkeeper work for one client on a daily basis, or work on the client’s file as little as once a year. We tailor our service to each client’s needs.
  • Clients can have catch-up projects handled in a very timely and efficient manner. We are very aware of the costs to a client when the books get behind – both mental and monetary.