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What our clients say about us:

Having gone through a somewhat anxious time on the CCAT accounts, I thought you might like to have some feedback on my experience working with Hossein. In addition to his technical skills, Hossein has excelled in both clarity and patience. His explanations make a great deal of sense, and he has been very calm and reassuring when I have not understood something the first time through or have provided him with incomplete information. I truly appreciate the way he has approached this file, and have found it to be a pleasure working with him.

James A Ogilvy, PhD
Executive Director, CCAT/Directeur général, CTAC

Henschel Business Services Inc. has been handling bookkeeping for AGB Lawyers for the last two years and I wanted to take this opportunity to write and simply thank you Marilyn and all of your staff for quarter backing a smooth transition from our retiring book keeper and the simply wonderful service and accountability to date. 

As you are aware, I do not hesitate to recommend Henschel Business Services Inc. to others, both professionally and personally. You run a first rate book keeping organization with many non-traditional services on offer and I am proud to boast I am a client of yours.

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Anthony Gaetan Buttigieg
Managing Lawyer/ Owner
AGB Lawyers

Henschel’s quality control is excellent; before they send me the files, everything is run through a detailed year-end checklist. As a result, looses ends like uncollectible receivables get cleaned up, irregularities are investigated and fixed, reconciliations are done. Essentially, the books are clean and in order before I get them. 

The bookkeepers at HBS go through a rigorous testing process and do ongoing training after they are hired, so you know they have the right skills. Most importantly, there are two people on every file, so clients always have someone available who is familiar with their books. They build a personal relationship with the client so he or she always feels taken care of.

Norman C. Miller, CA

Marilyn Henschel has worked on the books of CARCC, Canadian Artists Representation Copyright Collective Inc. since before she founded Henschel Business Services, and they are not always easy books. Marilyn’s willingness to take on our requirements and to make everything comprehensible has carried over into the work of her staff. It is a pleasure doing business with HBS! 

Janice Seline
Executive Director
Canadian Artists Representation Copyright Collective Inc.

Henschel Business Services has worked with me for many years to better understand my business’ financials. Having the proper team to take care of my books has given me the chance to focus on other areas of my business. The Henschel team works together to provide reliable customer service, accurate information and trust. I thank them for giving my business the right financial tools and peace of mind. 

Caralyn Tierney
Capilia by Caralyn’s Hair Solution Centre

We began using Henschel Bookkeeping services about one year ago. At that time our books were not in the best shape and our business was suffering the consequences. Henschel’s professional staff has helped us to turn things around. We are saving money and our books are up to date and organized. Hiring Henschel was one of the best business decisions that I have ever made. 

Elaine Burt
Carleton Security Systems

Having managed our own books for nearly 7 years, we’d finally reached a point where it became an ‘unmanageable’ task. After repeated referrals by our business coach to give HBS a try, our skepticism finally gave way. After just one meeting with Marilyn, I was convinced her team could change the way I looked at our finances. Now in our second year with HBS, the results are near blissful. Reports are easy to read, our contacts at HBS are easy to reach and easy to talk to. Best of all, I can focus on the numbers of my business rather then be drowning in them.
Thank you Marilyn. 

Luc Forget, owner

Rink-Pro Sports inc., Stittsville

HBS not only provides services that are timely and accurate, they are also interested in helping their clients understand what the numbers mean. 

Gary G Timmons, CA

Brenda at Henschel Business Services Inc. has been such a delight to work with. She is very accommodating, professional and quite efficient.
Thanks Brenda for your wonderful service!!! 

Sylvie Manser
Community House Director
Banff Avenue Community House

Marilyn and her team bring a very structured and systematic approach to a client’s bookkeeping. Their style is warm yet efficient. The ‘two person’ set up means that clients will ALWAYShave someone there to help. She and her staff work well with professionals and all of this at reasonable rates. The high quality of work and organized set up make things easy for the client and the professional. 

John Lunn C A
Tel.: 613-729-8681 | Fax: 613-729-3168

Several of my clients use the services of Henschel Business Services to complete their bookkeeping and internal reporting. I have always found that Marilyn Henschel and her team deliver the information in a timely and professional manner and do not hesitate to seek assistance when the clients needs become more complicated. 

Andrew Milne, CA
Welch LLP

Our 10 years of business services provided from HBS has been professional, fast, friendly and always willing to answer questions and provide solutions to problems.  I would strongly recommend HBS to any company in need of their business services without any hesitation.

Joey Roberge
J. R. Lawn Maintenance & Snow Removal Inc.

For me, the real benefit of working with HBS is freeing up my time so I can focus on running my business. We started off with HBS doing my bookkeeping. The bonus was when it came time to prepare my books for yearend because their experience in preparing my file saved me from having to backtrack and revisit items in order to respond to my Accountant’s questions.
HBS now handles some of my administrative tasks. I appreciate the thorough and timely help and being able to reach someone in the office when needed.

Grant Mellow
GDM Corporate Services

I’ve had hassles in the past. Now with Henschel, it’s all hassle free. They are fast, friendly, and – most of all – they get it. They have helped to change the way we do business. We know that they are taking care of us!

K.D. ‘Casey’ McKibbon, Managing Partner
All Seasons Weddings