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Services for Accountants

How we can help Accountants:

  • We know our role. We are well-trained and experienced bookkeepers – not accountants. We only hire senior bookkeepers (minimum three years experience) through a rigorous hiring procedure with a five step process.
  • We are available and we have the capacity to meet your needs. Our office is open every business day from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  • Our bookkeeping procedures were developed by accountants. We strive to get the information in the form you need it.
  • Your client’s books are sent to you promptly – within eight weeks of year end.
  • We have in-house quality reviews. The files are reviewed by the primary bookkeeper and another senior bookkeeper.
  • We have two bookkeepers trained on each file so your clients are never stranded.

What Accountants are saying about us:

I am happy to refer clients to Henschel Business Services for their bookkeeping needs. I know they will receive excellent service for a reasonable fee. HBS provides a high quality of work, and follows up with us on a regular basis if there are complicated or unusual transactions. Their staff are well trained and are very professional in their dealings with clients. Every client I have referred to them is appreciative of their service, and thanks me for the referral.

R. Jeffrey Sullivan CA, CFP
Partner, Collins Barrow Ottawa LLP

Marilyn and her team bring a very structured and systematic approach to a client’s bookkeeping. Their style is warm yet efficient. The ‘two person’ set up means that clients will ALWAYShave someone there to help. She and her staff work well with professionals and all of this at reasonable rates. The high quality of work and organized set up make things easy for the client and the professional.

John Lunn CA
Tel.: 613-729-8681 | Fax: 613-729-3168

Several of my clients use the services of Henschel Business Services to complete their bookkeeping and internal reporting. I have always found that Marilyn Henschel and her team deliver the information in a timely and professional manner and do not hesitate to seek assistance when the client’s needs become more complicated.

Andrew Milne, CA
Welch LLP

HBS not only provides services that are timely and accurate, they are also interested in helping their clients understand what the numbers mean.

Gary G Timmons, CA

Henschel’s quality control is excellent; before they send me the files, everything is run through a detailed year-end checklist. As a result, looses ends like uncollectible receivables get cleaned up, irregularities are investigated and fixed, reconciliations are done. Essentially, the books are clean and in order before I get them.
The bookkeepers at HBS go through a rigorous testing process and do ongoing training after they are hired, so you know they have the right skills. Most importantly, there are two people on every file, so clients always have someone available who is familiar with their books. They build a personal relationship with the client so he or she always feels taken care of.

Norman C. Miller, CA